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Leading a church is an incredible responsibility. But with that responsibility comes a weight that no one else feels like you do. Sometimes it helps just having someone from the outside who is able to share that burden with you.

That’s where you need consultants EAT Missions Consultancy to help. Our consulting is handcrafted specifically to help you where you need it most. Along the way we help you identify obstacles we see that, if eliminated, could increase your ministry’s effectiveness.

Everything is on the table! Everything! Some of the kinds of things churches need our consulting for include:

  • Navigating change
  • Turning the church in a new direction
  • Personal leadership development
  • Thinking, planning, & dreaming
  • Staff development
  • Ministry development
  • Church board and governance development
  • Navigating the unknown
  • and many more

When we partner with pastors and churches we are talking all the time. We purpose to be a great friend to the pastor. We know that the larger the church gets the lonelier it can feel while trying to navigate tough decisions. That’s why we make ourselves available to talk … all the time! We call it Personal interactions. This help the Pastor and bless the Local Church.

Do I or we need to use a consultant?

Yes, you should, and engage a consultant because they will bring a perspective to your table you otherwise would not have available. The consultant brings a wealth of experience to bear on your leadership and that of the church.

Do my church or any other local church, actually need consulting service from Holy Spirit filled consultant that God can use to advance his work in the church and world evangelization.

And what kind of church best utilizes the consulting we offer?

Any church of any size can use. The key is whether the pastor and leadership are open to self-examination and ready to engage in healthy dialogue to move the church forward.

Is the pastor ready to listen and respond? Is the leadership ready to make changes necessary for the church to grow? If the answers to those questions are “Yes” then your church can find high value in consulting. In short, if you are not satisfied with the status quo, then you and your church need us to talk and help move the church forward.

When you call and invite us “EAT Missions Consultant”, we will be available to put to use our God’s given resources to help you and your church to grow and advance the spread of the kingdom of God among all people.

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